guided creative 


music & narratives

There are currently 12 guided creative meditations each with its own themed music, with a duration from 10 to15 minutes. More will be added on a regular basis.

Purchase music and narratives together, or separately.


Kye had a dream in 2016 ...

The dream was to create music and combine it with his own unique inspirational creative visualisations and guided meditations, which together would act as powerful catalysts for positive change in people's lives, at any level.

The experience envelops all the senses, and more...

You can listen to the music and narratives together or separately, for meditation, relaxation, or as a soothing background, or in a healing environment; 

and be transported to wonderful new vistas and horizons of inner discovery

as you are invited on 'walks-with-Kye'

and participate in 'action-your-dreams'

  Hundreds of fans have been enjoying Kye's music around the World for several years, and now,

with the launch of this project in June 2018, it is Kye's dream that they, and many more, will be inspired by

and enjoy this project too.  

Join Kye, as he takes you on a journey ... a journey of self-discovery and self-realisation, where in each narrative, amazing and extraordinary things happen!